Smash your scale-up phase — Organise your business now

Robyn Kyberd | optimise + grow
6 min readApr 30, 2021

You’ve done it, moved out of start-up into the scale-up phase, so now it’s time to take stock and organise your business.

The start-up phase was hard work but gave you the chance to try things out, test your business and find your feet. Which you’ve done, and successfully too.

But growth doesn’t have to be messy now.

Cleaning things up in your business will ensure you can grow effortlessly, and without the remains of your trials and tests clinging to the organisation and holding you back.

Let’s look at your next steps to organise your business.

We’re going to tackle the basics and the advanced, so let’s dive in.

The Basics: Tackling your inbox and your filing system

Scrub down your inbox to prepare for the scale-up phase

Be honest; go and look at your inbox — how many unread messages do you have? Ten? One hundred? One thousand? Why are these emails unread?

Be brave, go back and sort them out.

One of the best ways to arrange your inbox and calm email anxiety is sorting the emails as they arrive:

  • Create a list of folders — these could be arranged by client or by project or by useful alerts, whatever is right for you.
  • Sort the emails as they come in by keywords or email address.
  • Then you can look at the emails when you’re ready.

Ask yourself, how many of these emails are actually providing you with information you need?

The DELETE button is your friend, here.

But if you’re finding that this is a step too far, then download and save in a safe folder in the cloud.

Go Marie Kondo on your business folders!

This can take time, but it really helps take your company to the next level in terms of project management and finding things.

Have you ever sought a document only to get in folders dating back last year, even the year before? No more!

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