Out of the Box Aspects That Should Be Included in an SEO Strategy

1. Visual Depiction

2. Mind Map

3. Understand Target Market

  • Level of knowledge — how much do they actually know about the industry you are in? This will determine the type of language you use.
  • Accepting of upselling — are they drawn to the advertising or marketing, or does it have the opposite impact and they are put off by it?
  • Closeness to industry — are you B2B or B2C? Sometimes clients are more interested in understanding the industry, while others only want products and/ or services that will benefit them.

4. Detailed Goals



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Robyn Kyberd

Robyn Kyberd


Business Development & Optimisation Consultant with a serious soft spot for CX, Digital Marketing, SEO and Analytics. https://optimiseandgrowonline.com.au/