How To Plan A Powerful Social Media Marketing Schedule

If you’re marketing your business digitally, social media is a huge asset if you use it well.

But how exactly do you ‘use it well’?

Find The Best Platform And Focus On It

With so many options available in terms of platforms it’s easy to get overwhelmed before you’ve even begun, simply by the sheer volume of choice.

Repurpose Your Blog Content

This is the huge secret to a powerful social media marketing schedule that really isn’t a secret.

Create Amazing And Consistent Visuals

A huge part of repurposing is mastering the fine art of creating amazing, consistent, on-brand images to go with your written content, and in some cases replace your written content.

Use Templates

Using social media templates to create your graphics is an absolute no-brainer. It will save you a lot of time, ensure total consistency in your images, and is really easy to set up using Canva or a similar app.

  • Keyword
  • WordPress URL
  • WordPress Meta Description
  • Post Title
  • Alt Text For Images
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Tweets
  • Quotes For Twitter
  • Memes For Twitter
  • Facebook Posts
  • Extra Tweets For Content Upgrade Weeks
  • Extra Facebook Posts For Content Upgrade Weeks

Pro Tip: Note Your Character Limits

Check the character limits for everything and make a note in the heading for each section of your template if you struggle to remember these things.

  • WordPress metadata has a limit of 300 characters
  • Tweets are now 280 characters
  • Facebook doesn’t really have a limit (technically it does, but it’s 63,206 characters so unless you’re posting an essay you’re never going to hit it!)
  • Instagram is 750 characters with a limit of 30 hashtags per post (you should NOT be using that many though, see below!)
  • Pinterest is 500 characters
  • YouTube descriptions are approximately 4500 characters, and titles are 100 (but you shouldn’t really go above 70!)

Work In Video Wherever Possible

Video is absolutely huge in digital marketing these days. If I had to pick a single medium that was more powerful than any other, it would be video.

Go Live Once A Week (At Least!)

If you’re on a platform that has the capacity for live video like Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat, use it!

Use Hashtags To Get Found

Hashtags are incredibly useful when used properly.

Advertise Selectively And Don’t Boost Posts

Organic reach has always been the name of the game on social media, and it is absolutely possible to create an amazingly powerful content schedule that doesn’t require any kind of advertising.

Plan For Consistency

Consistency in your social schedule is hugely important. People get used to you being there and start to look forward to your posts, even if only on a subconscious level.

Post The Optimal Number Of Times For Your Platform

Figuring out how often you have time to consistently post is half the battle. The other half is posting the right number of times for your platform.

Twitter and Pinterest

These are two platforms where the ‘more is better’ policy still stands.


Facebook is somewhat problematic at the moment. Aim for a single daily post, ideally with a great image.


1–3 Images per day seems to be the sweet spot for Instagram at the moment. I often post one in the morning and one in the evening.


YouTube is the aberration of social media as you can post as often as you like and it’s never going to reach a point where people feel you have too many videos.

Find The Optimal Times Of Day To Post

No matter what kind of content you post or how often, make sure it goes out at the best possible time of day.

Use your insights on your existing content to see when the most people are online, and look at the times your most popular content was posted to see if the time of day had anything to do with their popularity.

Refresh Your Research Once A Month

Once a month check back in with your insights to see when the most people are online, what kind of posts are performing best, and whether there’s anything you need to do to improve the types, frequency, and times of your posts.

Schedule Your Content

If you want a complete content scheduling solution that lets you do (pretty much) everything in one place, check out my post on scheduling your content like a boss.

Do What Works For You

Social media has the power to be incredibly beneficial to your business if you’re sensible about it.



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