How to Build an Online Presence for Your Startup Business

Step 1: Strategise Your Goals

Before you do anything, you need to spend time conducting research.

Step 2: Build A Stand Out Website

Most people today instinctively use search engines to discover new businesses

  • A clear message
  • A contact page
  • About page
  • Valuable content
  • Easy to use (UX)
  • Opt-in lead magnet

Step 3: Be Social

Search is only one piece of the online puzzle.

Step 4: Always Provide Value

I’ve briefly mentioned providing ‘value’ on your website and social media.

Step 5: Try Out A Few Paid Promotions

Building up presence organically can take a long time.

Step 6: Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Changes

Your owned channels will never be ‘perfect’ so don’t wait around to build something only when you feel like you have all the answers.

Step 7: Measure And Analyse

Like all great scientists, you can’t go off educated guesses.

  • Are you witnessing an increase or decrease in number of Facebook followers?
  • Is the traffic count to your website up or down over a given time period?


Running a startup business is demanding work.



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Robyn Kyberd

Robyn Kyberd

Business Development & Optimisation Consultant with a serious soft spot for CX, Digital Marketing, SEO and Analytics.