How is SEO beneficial to small business?

You can’t avoid having to go online to grow your business.

Why does a small business need an online presence?

Even if you don’t run an online business, you need an online presence, because almost 90% of potential customers search for new or local businesses through online search engines.

How can SEO benefit your business?

Basically, it brings you business.

What do search engines look for?

The analysis that Google does to work out if you are good is based on a few things, and you use SEO strategies to maximise these things on and off your website. These can include:

  • How often your website is updated with new content
  • How much relevant information is on your website
  • How often you use key terms in relevant places in your website
  • How often other websites link to yours or refer to you as an authority on the subject
  • How well your website loads
  • If your site is secure and compatible with different sized screens such as smart phones

Small businesses, new or old, can get the following benefits from a good SEO strategy:

  • Inform more new customers that your business exists by getting the word out far and wide
  • Make you stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attention
  • Making it easy for potential customers to see and understand what you do
  • Tell potential customers how your business can benefit them
  • Show potential customers how happy your current customers are
  • Allow your business to be compared with known competitors, and come out looking awesome
  • Encourage visitors to your website to come back again and take action such as buying products, booking services or contacting you in real life.
  • AND the promo of your business doesnt finish like it does when you invest in advertising.



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Robyn Kyberd

Robyn Kyberd

Business Development & Optimisation Consultant with a serious soft spot for CX, Digital Marketing, SEO and Analytics.