Dream Team: 10 Things You Need To Delegate For Success

Why Delegation Is Key To Growing A Successful Business

You will often hear in entrepreneurial circles that ‘delegation is the key to success’ — I am by no means the first person to say it! But it’s frequently assumed that we intrinsically understand the logic behind this.

What Is A ‘Zone Of Genius’?

As your business grows and your abilities and reach (not to mention skills) increase, you’ll be in a position to increase your prices (something my money mentor, Laura Elkaslassy, will tell you needs doing on a regular basis). This will naturally lead you to a point where you are spending time doing things you could outsource for far less than the amount you would earn if you spent that time on the aspects of your business only you can do; your Zone of Genius.

Zone of Genius

There aren’t many things that genuinely fall within your zone of genius, but the things that do light you up. Doing these things leaves you feeling energised, excited, and entirely accomplished. This is stuff you could happily do all day, every day, bounding out of bed in the morning eager to start work because you love it so much.

Zone of Excellence

Here’s the crucial aspect of identifying your zone of genius — compare it to your zone of excellence. Because you will find that you’re good at a lot of things, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

Zone of Competence

This is where we start to venture into the realm of things you’re not brilliant at. As the name suggests you can competently do things in this area, but you’re not great at them. You’re about average, maybe even a little below average, and there are plenty of people out there who can do these things better than you.

Zone of Incompetence

There is no shame in admitting incompetence in certain areas. Nobody can be good at everything, there simply isn’t enough time to learn every skill, and just as you will have a naturally affinity and flare for certain things you will have weak areas in which you are an unmitigated disaster no matter how hard you try.

Connecting Your Zone Of Genius To Delegating For Business Success

If your wondering what all of this has to do with delegation and business, it’s actually very simple. Your business will become more successful the more time and focus you devote to your zone of genius — that one particular thing you do better than anyone else, the unique selling point that brings people to your business, that convinced prospects to become clients.

Delegating Saves Money While Increasing Revenue And Earning Potential

Just for a moment, let’s define business success as a purely monetary figure. When we do this, it’s easy to see how delegating works. If you spend all your working hours doing highly specialised tasks that are billed at a premium rate, your income will be a lot higher than if you spent some of those hours doing tasks that only netted a basic rate, or didn’t generate any income at all.

Delegating Is Good For Your Health And Your Business Growth

Let’s go beyond the purely monetary definition of success for a moment and consider the deeper meaning of your zone of genius.

  1. Increasing your revenue and earning potential.
  2. Decreasing your stress and anxiety over tasks you find unpleasant or difficult, thus boosting your energy and health, which in turn allows you business to grow stronger.
  3. Ensuring every task essential to your business not only gets done, but gets done by a person who is capable of doing an exceptional job.

#1 General Admin

Hands down the biggest chunk of activities in your business that absolutely have to get done but are nowhere close to your zone of genius will be general admin tasks. From invoicing to bookkeeping, filing, and even managing correspondence, so much goes into a business and a lot of it requires excellent organisational skills and efficiency, but no specialised skills.

#2 Web Development

This is the BIG ONE for most entrepreneurs. In modern marketing it’s pretty much impossible to run a successful business without a website. If you’re an exclusively digital marketer it’s not even an option — you need a great website.

#3 SEO

A huge part of web development is SEO. This is also a hugely beneficial aspect of marketing for every entrepreneur, but it can be tricky to get it right.

#4 Content Marketing

Any aspect of marketing has levels — there is a basic level that gets the job done, and a higher level that is capable of propelling your business into the stratosphere and triggering real growth.

#5 Social Media Marketing

Like content marketing, your social media marketing works on two levels — the basic stuff that can be done by anyone willing to learn, and the highly targeted and refined approach that allows you to fully leverage a social media platform so that it not only drives traffic, but attracts a dedicated tribe who happily subscribe to your list, buy your stuff, tell their friends how awesome you are, and keep buying more of your stuff.

#6 Email Marketing

Sending out your weekly newsletter is a tedious and often thankless task that falls under general admin needs.

#7 Copywriting

Every other item on this list has one thing in common: the need for copy!

#8 Paid Advertising Campaigns

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of a Facebook ad campaign that went nowhere, or paid off a big bill to Google AdWords that didn’t generate a single sale, you’ll already know there are serious limits to how effective you can make your own campaigns.

#9 Brand Development

Developing a strong, coherent brand is a huge part of establishing your presence online and growing your business, and while there are loads of aspects of branding you can put in place yourself, effective brand development is a very niche aspect of marketing. You may find you reach a certain level with your brand and stall.

#10 Strategising

Sometimes we’re just too close to our businesses to see them clearly — the whole wood for the trees conundrum. Consulting a professional business strategist can lend you the outside perspective and bird’s eye view needed to make key decisions, find a new direction, and solve problems that have been driving you mad, as well as some you haven’t even noticed yet.

Start Delegating For Success…

If you’re ready to start delegating and reach a new level of success in your business book a strategy session and we can talk through your zone of genius, your digital marketing strategy, and how best to position you and your business as a market leader in your niche…



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