All In One Business Solutions: Migrating To Simplero

  • Email marketing systems
  • Customer relationship management systems (CRMs)
  • Course creation and hosting systems
  • Media and data libraries

Firstly, what is Simplero?

  • make a switch to simple
  • reduce the overwhelm of managing multiple accounts
  • ditch the frustration integrations can bring

Benefits Of Migrating To Simplero

  1. You don’t need any special technical skills or know-how to successfully set up Simplero.
  2. Your newly created online courses will be sleek, sophisticated, and take your business to the next level.
  3. Email marketing automations will be seriously easy to implement (and you can still send those one-off campaigns as well).
  4. Your media, data, and content can also be uploaded into Simplero meaning you no longer need to rely on links to third-party locations for your products (such as DropBox).
  5. It will be super easy for your customers to pay you thanks to Simplero taking the hassle out of setting up payment gateways.
  6. Help and support will always be on hand because Simplero’s customer service is exemplary and lightning-fast.

3 Must-do Steps For A Pain-Free Migration to Simplero

#1: Decide what to migrate

  • Email marketing system — identify which contacts, lists, tags, broadcasts, and automations will move across. Now is a good time to clean out your contacts, review your lists and tags, and keep copies of your previous broadcasts and automations.
  • Course content systems — course modules, lessons, and resources will all move across. This is a perfect time to consider if you’ll upgrade any of the content or keep it as-is.
  • Marketing channels — do you need to keep your current website or can you move all your content across to Simplero? Now is a good time to review your landing pages, product pages, and membership sites.
  • Media and data storage — any resources your customers need access to can be uploaded to Simplero (which, btw, can save you a lot of money and space with other storage services). Now is a good time to delete any old or out of date resources that don’t need to move across.
  • Purchasing or gateway accounts — you may not have to migrate actual data for this step. However, now is a good time to map out if there are customers who still owe you money for a purchase (like a subscription service).

#2 Always keep a copy

#3 Check the data

The Key To A Smooth And Successful System Migration

  • Successfully map your system migration so you don’t skip any important steps
  • Consistently show up for your audience so you don’t out on sales
  • Confidently balance your workload to allow ample testing and fixing time
  • Critically analyse your new system and see how it’s benefiting your business.
About the author, Robyn Kyberd of Optimise + Grow Online



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