7 Ways To Improve Customer Experience On A $0 Budget

Robyn Kyberd | optimise + grow
11 min readOct 6, 2019

Creating an awesome customer experience doesn’t have to something big, technical, or expensive. As we all know, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

So I want to share with you 7 ways you can improve customer experience to optimise and grow your business without spending a dollar!

1. Deliver on time

Nothing makes a client smile and appreciate you more than delivering what you promised on time.

Why? Because it saves them admin time chasing you up, the headache of awkward conversations, and helps them stick to their plans in their business.

I mean, don’t you just love it when you order something and it arrives earlier than expected?! It’s an unexpected delight and gives you that *yay* moment. I know whenever this happens for me, that little burst of excitement makes me want to share my new arrival on social media (hello free referral advertising!).

On the flip side, when something arrives late. . . I’m like, “ Oh, look. It’s fiiiiinally here.. “ and not inclined to promote or share the business that sent the goods. And even less inclined to buy from them again.

As you can see, delivering on time to your customer gives you a happy customer, possible referrals, and potential for repeat purchases. And the cost to you to get all this goodness for your business is $0.

All you need to do it organise yourself and your systems. That’s it!


During client onboarding, determine clear expectations with the client on expected delivery timeframes. This gives you a plan to work to, and the client peace of mind that they aren’t paying a deposit and then wondering what happens next. Outlining delivery timeframes avoids this buyer’s remorse as they know what to expect and when.

If you have a product-based business, clearly display delivery timeframes at checkout as well as in confirmation emails, so that the customer knows when to expect their order.

If unexpected delays occur, keep your customer in the loop proactively. Sure, they may be disappointed or frustrated when they receive a delay notification. But if you say nothing at all…

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