12 Must-Have Components For A High-Converting Sales Page

How to Write A High-Converting Sales Page: 12 Must-Have Components

1. The offer

  • What is the offer?
  • Exactly what does it include?
  • What are the bonuses, if any?

2. Specifics

  • Is this an evergreen offer (available all the time)?
  • Or is there a cut-off date by which the buyer must purchase or miss out?
  • How/when will they receive access?
  • Is there a promotional period that offers a discount or other bonuses that will expire by a certain date?
  • What happens next when they buy?
  • How will they install your product, if that applies?

3. Price

  • What is the investment to purchase this offer?
  • Is it a one-time purchase or a monthly charge?
  • Are there any upgrades available at an extra cost in the future?
  • Will these charges show up every month like clockwork on my credit card statement or can they be cancelled anytime I choose (convenient)?

4. Who is this offer for?

  • Why do they want this?
  • What are the consequences if they don’t get it?

5. Why do they need it?

  • How is your offer different from others?
  • What is their hesitation about buying, and how will your offer help them overcome it or make that hesitation irrelevant?
  • How have others benefited from this type of product before?
  • Describe customers who use what you’re selling and include quotes about the positive impact of their purchase. (case studies are perfect here).

6. How do they feel about their current situation?

7. What will it do for them?

  • What will they get out of your offer?
  • Exactly what problem will it solve?
  • What outcome will the buyer achieve?

8. Extra benefits

  • What benefits will they receive beyond just the promised outcome?
  • Will this offer help them with other problems related to the primary one?
  • If so, what are they and how will it help?

9. Who made it and why (time to talk yourself up)

10. Social proof

11. FAQ

12. Terms of sale

So, How Do You Create A Successful Sales Page?

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About the author, Robyn Kyberd of Optimise + Grow Online



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